I'm an entrepreneur, advocate, and developer studying statistics and economics at the University of Chicago.

I've worked with the Precision Engineering Research Group at MIT; built software at TetraScience, Symphony Commerce, and StratoDem Analytics; and volunteered as a founding director at the Project for Better Journalism. Currently, I am working at Restocks in San Francisco.

About Me

I'm a developer, entrepreneur, and student at the University of Chicago.

I helped found and previously directed the Project for Better Journalism, a Harvard Innovation Lab VIP nonprofit working to bring extracurriculars to students across the country through journalism and technology. I helped develop and grow our platform, operations, and presence nationwide.

At the University of Chicago, I will pursue a bachelors' in statistics and economics, and a fourth-year masters' in statistics. In 2016, I graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy. While there, I took part in a two-year research course on computational astronomy and gravitational wave detection.

Most recently, I worked at StratoDem Analytics, a real estate analytics and data science company, where I built their front-end mapping library and geospatial data interface. Previously, I've worked as an engineer at Symphony Commerce; developed audio analysis software with the Precision Engineering Research Group at MIT; and helped design and build the early interface for interacting with internet-connected labs at the YC S15 IoT company, TetraScience. I'm now at the YC W16 company, Restocks

Originally from the suburbs of Boston, I currently live and work in San Francisco.




Founding Director, The Project for Better Journalism

Full-stack Engineer, StratoDem Analytics

Client Engineer, Symphony Commerce

Front-end Engineer, TetraScience

Researcher, MIT Precision Engineering Research Group


2021— B.A., M.S., The University of Chicago

2016— Phillips Exeter Academy

Connect with Me

On the internet

Always available via email at will@wch.io. I am also active on a number of platforms across the web.

Academia: whaering@mit.edu (preferred) or wchaering@uchicago.edu
Current timezone: PST (UTC -8)