I'm an entreprenuer, advocate, and developer studying statistics and economics at the University of Chicago.

I've worked with the Precision Engineering Research Group at MIT; built software at TetraScience, Symphony Commerce, and StratoDem Analytics; and serve as a founding director at the Project for Better Journalism. Currently, I am working at Symphony Commerce in San Francisco for the year.

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About Me

I'm a developer, entreprenuer, and rising freshman at the University of Chicago.

I helped found and currently direct engineering at the Project for Better Journalism, a Harvard Innovation Lab VIP nonprofit working to bring extracurriculars to students across the country through journalism and technology. I will continue to develop and grow our platform, operations, and presence nationwide before starting my undergraduate studies.

At the University of Chicago, I plan to pursue a bachelors' in statistics and economics, and a fourth-year masters' in statistics. In 2016, I graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy. While there, I took part in a two-year research course on computational astronomy and gravitational wave detection.

Most recently, I worked at StratoDem Analytics, a real estate analytics and data science company, where I built their front-end mapping library and geospatial data interface. Previously, I've worked as an engineer at Symphony Commerce; developed audio analysis software for commercial equipment with the Precision Engineering Research Group at MIT; and helped design and build the early interface for interacting with internet-connected labs at the YC S15 IoT company, TetraScience.

Originally from the suburbs of Boston, I currently live and work in San Francisco.


The Project for Better Journalism

Symphony Commerce


Founding Director, The Project for Better Journalism

Full-stack Engineer, StratoDem Analytics

Client Engineer, Symphony Commerce

Front-end Engineer, TetraScience

Researcher, MIT Precision Engineering Research Group


2021— B.A., M.S., The University of Chicago

2016— Phillips Exeter Academy

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